Bass Treble Booster

Tool that gets a wider sound spectrum out of computer speakers


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  • Works under: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP
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As the name states, Bass Treble Booster is a program that gives you total control over the different bass and treble frequencies in your music.

If you’re unsatisfied with how your songs sound or want to simply mess around with treble and bass levels just to hear what changing those affect, Bass Treble Booster is an extremely simple way to do just that. It gives you access to a preamp as well as frequencies ranging from 30 to 19k hertz. Each one of these sliders can be moved up or down 15 decibels. If you’d rather have a preset sound, Bass Treble Booster also comes with a few sound profiles that have already been set to either boost bass or boost treble depending on how you want the audio to sound. However, if you create a sound profile you really enjoy, you can save it to this list.

Once you’ve mixed the audio, you can then export it in either a lossless FLAC format or as a wav or mp3. All that takes is simply uploading your desired audio files, setting the correct bass and treble adjustments and then choosing the file format you want the audio converted to.

All in all, Bass Treble Booster is an incredibly intuitive and easy way to edit various audio boosts in your sound to achieve an aural quality you’re happy with. Like most easy-to-use programs, though, it is not meant for a professional in the field. It simply does not have the depth such professionals required from their programs. As a beginner, though, this program outshines many of its competitors as, arguably, one of the best free boosters available today.


  • Clean interface and intuitive design
  • Ability to convert audio to numerous file types
  • Can convert more than one file at a time


  • Not enough functionality for more advanced users
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